Personal Interests

Beyond physics, I also enjoy running, hiking, traveling, card/board games, making electronics, programming. Here are some photos from my life and hobbies:

I live in Eugene, Oregon, a wonderful city with great running/biking paths and many beautiful hiking trails. Willamette river (Eugene, OR)

It is also the home of ducks1 and geese, Geese (Eugene, OR)

and is a short drive from the Oregon coast and a partly submerged petrified forest: Neskowin Ghost Forest (Neskowin, OR)

Outside of Oregon, I've had the chance to assist my colleagues at CERN, Globe of Science and Innovation (Meyrin, Switzerland)

visit some friends in Denmark, The Little Mermaid statue (Copenhagen, Denmark)

and hike around some mountains (Switzerland) There are a lot of mountains in Switzerland, this is one of them.

and more mountains (Presidential Traverse) There are a lot of mountains on the Presidential Traverse, this is on one of them.

and sometimes just chill out (Washington State) There are a lot of hiking trails with lakes in Washington State, this is one of them.

or not (Czech Republic). Finally, there are a lot of climbing rocks in Czech Republic, this is one of them!

  1. everyone here loves The Ducks, but I prefer geese!